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Share the fun. Star EV has built a complete collection of people movers for everyone to enjoy.


  • Star Roadster
    Roadster-AC-2+2, 4+2, 6+2

    Star EV Roadster

    With families and guests in mind, our retro-look Roadster can shuttle large groups safely and in style. The classic Roadster is a deluxe 4, 6 or 8 passenger EV with premium interior package, optional roof, and front hood trunk space area.

    2+2 specs4+2 and 6+2 specs

  • M-Series 8, 11, or 14 pass. Bus
    Star BN72-8/11/14-AC-ADS-M

    Star EV Shuttle Bus

    Shuttle up to 14 passengers on clean, electric energy.

    8 pass. specs11 pass. specs14 pass. specs

  • M-Series 23 passenger Bus
    Star BN72-23-ADS-AC-M

    Star EV 23-passenger Shuttle

    This bus shuttles 23 Passengers. With the optional 2nd bank of batteries, this bus will travel up to 70 miles or more. Now that’s moving people!

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  • M-Series Enclosed Bus
    Star BN72-14-D-M

    Star EV Enclosed Bus

    Shuttle between 11 and 14 passengers all on clean, green battery power.

    14 Passenger Specs11 Passenger Specs

  • Star Classic 48-2+2

    Star EV Classic

    Get on the road with our most popular LSV. It seats four with a rear flip seat featuring safety grab bar and foot plate.

    Click here to view specs

  • Star Classic 48-4

    Star EV Classic 4 passenger

    4 Passengers all facing the same way. Perfect for moving people safely.

  • Star Classic 48-4+2

    Star EV Classic 6 passenger

    Our classic golf cart for a group!

    Click here to view specs

  • Star Classic 48-6

    Star EV Classic 6 passenger

    Our largest golf cart! 6 people all facing forward.

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  • Star AP48-04

    Star EV Bubble Car

    Newly redesigned, deluxe AP-series gives a car-like experience.

    Click here to view specs

  • Star AP48-04-D

    Star EV Bubble Car

    Star EV's 4 passenger deluxe AP-series with fully enclosed with doors.

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  • Star AP48-06

    Star EV Bubble Car

    6 Passenger deluxe AP-series.

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  • Star AP48-06-D

    Star EV Bubble Car

    6 Passenger deluxe AP-series fully enclosed with doors.

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  • Classic, Wheelchair Accessible
    Star Classic 48-6-Wheelchair

    Star EV Classic Wheelchair Accessible

    This EV has all of our standard features, and an automatic hydraulic ramp. Cruise with safety and ease, easily allowing a wheelchair to drive on and off with no trouble.

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  • Star Classic 6+2

    Star EV Classic

    An industry-leader keeps getting better. The Classic 8 passenger people movers now feature softer seating and comfort-ride tires for the smoothest ride of any vehicle in its class.

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  • Star Magellan 4-AC and 4+2-AC

    Star EV Magellan

    Seat up to 6. You’ll love the walk-away braking system and front independent suspension. Get up to 60 miles range on a single charge!

  • Safety

    With drivers and passengers in mind, Star EV people movers are built for safety. Each people mover is built with DOT windshields, DOT tires and seatbelts, and 4-wheel hydraulic brakes.


    Front seat, back seat, try not to fall asleep. Star EV people movers feature high-back seats, rack-and-pinion steering, and independent suspension.


    Heavy duty Advanced AC and DC motors with a top speed of 25 mph and 400 A Curtis Controllers; pack on the load, you won't the notice difference.


    Go far with no environmental impact. Star EV people movers feature 48volt Trojan batteries that drive 50-60 miles after one full charge.

    Universities – shuttle students, faculty, and parents safely around campus
    Hospitals – transport patients and staff quickly through medical campuses
    Theme Parks – move tours through the park with zero emissions
    Resorts – just part of the luxury. Move guests through the resort with efficiency and style.
    Airports – shuttle travelers between tarmacs. No need to miss a flight.

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