For any questions about material on this page, contact an authorized STAR® Dealer.


Putting you first.

With drivers and passengers in mind, STAR EV commercial cars are built for safety. Each car is built with your safety considered first. For any questions about material on this page, contact an authorized STAR® Dealer.


Read and understand all labels on the vehicle. Always replace any damaged or missing labels. 


Be cautious with any steep inclines where vehicle speeds can cause instability.


Never turn a cart on unless sitting in the driver’s seat whether you intend to drive the cart or not. 

To ensure proper and safe operation of any Star electric vehicle please follow these guidelines.
  • Carts should be operated from the driver’s seat only.
  • Always keep feet and hands inside the cart. 
  • Make sure the area is clear of people and objects at all times before turning the cart on to drive. No one should be standing in front of an energized cart at any time. 
  • Carts should always be operated in a safe manner and speed.
  • Utilize the horn (on the turn signal stalk) at blind corners. 
  • No cell phone use while operating a cart. Stop the cart in a safe location and reply to the call. 
  • No one should be standing up or hanging from the side of the car at any time. If there is not room to sit, you cannot ride. 
  • Key switch should be turned off and parking brake set every time you exit the cart.
  • Keep a safe distance between carts when driving behind someone as well as when parking vehicle.

Steep hills allow the vehicle to move at faster speeds than normal speeds on a flat surface. To prevent the loss of vehicle control and possible injury, speeds must be controlled by application the brakes. If you operate the vehicle above the maximum specified speed, you can damage the drive train components. The damage caused by speeds more than the maximum specified can cause a loss of vehicle control, is abusive, and will not be covered under the warranty.

If altering or repairing any Star electric vehicle please follow these guidelines.
  • Use caution when you tow the vehicle. Towing the vehicle above the recommended speed can cause personal injury or damage to the vehicle and other property. 
  • A STAR Authorized dealer who services the vehicle has the mechanical skill and experience to see possible hazardous conditions. Incorrect services or repairs can cause damage to the vehicle or make the vehicle dangerous to operate. 
  • Never modify the vehicle in any way that will alter the weight distribution of the vehicle, decrease its stability, increase the speed or extend the stopping distance beyond the factory specification. Such modifications can result in serious personal injury or death. 
  • Do not change the vehicle in any manner that changes the weight distribution, decreases stability, increases speed or extends the necessary distance to stop more than the factory specification. STAR® is not responsible for changes that cause the vehicle to be dangerous.