Introducing the latest innovation from STAR EV: a unique vehicle option that blends our cutting-edge engineering with the vibrant creativity of local artistry. We are thrilled to offer optional exciting vehicle paint jobs for our golf carts, created by talented local artists. These exclusive designs will transform our dependable and stylish golf carts into dynamic works of art, adding a personalized touch to your ride. Additionally, we are excited to offer custom-themed vinyl wraps, providing even more options to showcase your unique style. Whether you choose a bespoke paint job or a distinctive vinyl wrap, STAR EV ensures your golf cart will stand out and make a statement both on and off the course.

Evan Vail, the creative force behind PreVail Paints, has been passionate about motorsports, art, and customization from a young age. As the founder of PreVail Paints, Evan has honed his skills in custom airbrushing, design, and artwork to meet and exceed customer expectations. With a keen eye for expanding the limits of traditional paint jobs and designs, he has turned his passion into a purposeful career.

Evan’s extensive experience ranges from painting phone cases and race car helmets to body panels of professional race cars and custom automotive parts. His innovative approach and commitment to personalization have earned him a reputation for creating some of the most unique designs in the industry. This dedication is evident in his hobby of customizing remote control cars, showcasing his versatile talent and creative vision.

Excited and dedicated, Evan has now joined forces with STAR EV to introduce the Street Art Series of golf cars. Together, they aim to bring the most visually stunning and customized electric vehicles to the road, blending artistic expression with cutting-edge design. With Evan’s expertise and passion, the STAR EV Street Art Series promises to redefine the aesthetics of electric vehicles, making them not just a mode of transport but a canvas for art.

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