STAR’s largest CAPELLA has what it takes to rule the road

Capella 6+2

Drive With Authority. Ride In Comfort.

Built expressly to carry out its assigned duties efficiently and economically, CAPELLA Transit is a next-generation Small Task-Oriented Vehicle (STOV) that delivers clean, quiet, emissions-free transport services for work or play. Compact, versatile and nimble, CAPELLA comfortably accommodates up to 8 passengers – along with their gear – from pickup to drop-off points. Ideal for use in airports, campus environments, resorts, theme parks, event venues, industrial sites, and medical facilities, CAPELLA puts people and productivity in motion.


CAPELLA LSV models are 100% compliant with federal and state requirements, allowing your transit teams to travel safely and legally on public streets. Choose from a range of standard and optional safety features, including wheelchair accessibility, to accommodate passengers’ physical and emotional needs.


With its quiet battery-powered electric engine, 50+ mile driving range, independent suspension, and large capacity, CAPELLA is built for safety, comfort and endurance. CAPELLA’s outstanding maneuverability and compact footprint give impressive access to tight spaces and  congested areas.


As localities increasingly require replacing full-size vehicles with street-legal STOVs, STAR fleets are rapidly becoming the transit solution of choice. Let STAR help you map out a fleet strategy that is sustainable, affordable and suitable for your unique operating environment.