Rethink the Ride

Get on the short list for the all-new 2022 STAR EV SIRIUS, with stylish features and options you won’t find anywhere else. At STAR, we know you take appearances seriously, so you deserve an electric vehicle that reflects your own personality. That’s why we invite you to take every detail of your SIRIUS personally. Preview colors and accents. Pick and price features and functions. Add options and upgrades, and try on accessories. Click and change until you find the combination that feels just right. STARmaker defines and calculates costs in real time, so you can make real-world decisions.



  • Four year limited warranty, two year bumper-to-bumper warranty (less wear items)
  • Eight 6 V (48 V) batteries
  • 5.4 hp QDS™ AC Motor (2, 2+2)6.7 hp QDS™ AC Motor (4, 4+2)
  • 350 A controller (2, 2+2) 450 A controller (4, 4+2)
  • USB 12 V standard accessory outlet
  • LED headlights with high beams, taillights, brake lights, self-canceling turn signals, daytime running lights and seat belts
  • Detailed full-color display: speedometer, odometer, and battery indicator (back-up camera ready)
  • High/Low speed switch
  • Automatic battery charger
  • Electronic locking front trunk
  • Console with ambient dash lighting
  • Folding tinted windshield
  • Horn and reverse beeper
  • Rear view mirrors with turn signal indicators
  • Lockable glove box door
  • Adjustable seat backs