STAR EV Introduces Cruise Control for SIRIUS Models

STAR EV has announced a cruise control feature for SIRIUS LSV models, its most popular street legal electric vehicle, beginning in third quarter 2022. No other golf cart manufacturer currently offers cruise control as an option on any small electric vehicle.

“Even on short trips, cruise control makes driving more comfortable and convenient,” says Steve Christian, Director of Sales at STAR EV, “ because it makes it easy to shift positions while maintaining a safe, steady speed. That lets the driver focus on steering and ensures a more enjoyable ride.

Maintaining consistent speed and acceleration also reduces energy consumption, increases travel range, and extends battery life, important considerations for consumers who choose electric vehicles for their eco-friendly operation.

According to STAR President, Jun Hu, “STAR EV is able to be first-to-market with integrated cruise control because we make it a practice to build in automotive technologies that position us to innovate. It’s a forward-looking approach that anticipates possibilities, so we are prepared to respond to changing consumer preferences.”

STAR EV, a specialized electric vehicle manufacturer founded in 2003 and headquartered in Simpsonville, South Carolina, distributes through a worldwide network of authorized dealers. The company also offers a line of premium upgrades and accessories such as lithium batteries, flip sets, tires, brush guards and stereos. In response to growing demand for its products, the company has recently announced an $8.7 million expansion to increase manufacturing capacity, which is scheduled for completion in 2025.