Thank you for your interest in STAR Smart Lithium Batteries
Robust Performance

From full charge to discharge, STAR-smart lithium batteries deliver higher peak power for improved speed and acceleration. You get full power for longer drive distance with no sacrifice in vehicle performance.

How Far Do You Want to Go?

The actual distance you can travel in an electric vehicle is determined by the load you put on the electric motor. Larger and heavier cars will use more energy. Lifted vehicles will use more energy because of the additional weight and larger tires. Adding passengers and uneven terrain will increase the load on the motor. The opposite is true as well. If you lighten the load on the vehicle it will travel farther. The following ranges are based on a 2-passenger vehicle traveling on flat ground.

15-25 Miles (24-40 km)
30-40 Miles (48-64 km)
??? Miles (??? km)
60-80 Miles (97- 129 km)
  • We strongly recommended that your Lithium battery is recharged after each use.
  • Charge the battery as soon as possible when the state of charge is less than 10%.
  • Always avoid discharging the battery to a state of charge that is less than 5%.
  • Even if not being used, fully recharge the battery at least once every 3 months.
  • Fully charge the battery before leaving it for more than 30 day period of time.
  • Avoid accelerating harshly as it may cause current spikes, triggering the battery’s self-protective cut-off.

Strictly follow the operating temperature range below:

– Discharge: -4° ~ 140°F (-20° ~ 60°C)

– Charge: 32 ~ 122F (0° ~ 50°C)

– Storage: 32 ~ 86F (0° ~ 30°C)