STAR Smart Lithium Batteries Now Available

Premium STAR-smart lithium batteries now available 

STAR EV has introduced a new line of premium lithium battery kits to bring STAR-level in-vehicle connectivity to existing STAR cars as well as many other golf car brands. Upgrade kits will be available soon and exclusively from JH Global.

Upgrading to STAR-smart lithium batteries boosts any car’s performance, running on top-rated LiFePO4 LFP technologies that deliver full power and acceleration at any charge level and support the plug-and-go fast-charge system, built-in digital battery management and monitoring, and smartphone app controls.

Founded in 2003 and headquartered in South Carolina, the company focuses on global economy and local services, with more than 200 authorized dealers worldwide and a staff of experienced electrical and mechanical engineers who specialize in innovation and customization. STAR EV is widely recognized for its innovative line of street-legal SIRIUS LSVs, which are used daily in sports stadiums, airports, retirement communities, corporate campuses, resorts/hotels, universities, and around city and suburban neighborhoods.

In addition to manufacturing small electric vehicles, JH Global has long offered premium golf car accessories for many brands and models, such as STAR EV, Club Car, E-Z-GO and Yamaha.